The Proven Method to Produce Your Music

Essential Video Lessons for the Modern Producer
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The Methodology

Learn to produce your music with a guided path. We break down and teach the core elements of music production, so you don’t need waste time figuring it out.

Specialized For Aspiring Producers

Understand your role as a producer in the modern world. Whether you are creating on your laptop or in a full fledged recording studio, we reveal the process and the tools to move your productions forward.

Immediate Application

Learn tips and tools that you can apply right away. Each lesson focuses on a topic that you can apply within minutes.


Our students complete projects. We help your workflow improve, which is a lifetime asset you will incorporate into every project you begin.

Watch from anywhere

Watch from any of your devices. Your favorite lessons, available wherever you want.

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  • Your First Production with Ableton Live

    8 videos

    Here is your beginner guide to get you started with music production in Ableton Live.

    Want to learn more with your personal instructor? Enroll in private lessons:

  • Rhythmic Notation Production Guide

    15 videos

    In this guide you will learn how to read and write rhythmic music notation. You will learn how to transform your ideas from a modern DAW into music notation that is used to communicate rhythms to other producers, musicians, and music makers of all kinds. These video lessons will guide you through...

  • Melodic Techno Production

    15 videos

    In this course you will learn how to combine modern techno production with traditional song writing and composing skills to produce club rumbling melodic masterpieces of your own. You will learn how to transform a single melody from music notation to a full electronic music arrangement, including...

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